Social Service Centers, Inc. (SSC) is a twenty four hour residential provider in Lexington, MA., serving adult developmentally disabled individuals since 1984.  At present, SSC serves 20 men and women in four separate homes.  Of the four sites three are single family homes, and one is two joined apartments in an apartment complex.  All are located in the town of Lexington. Our coporate office is centrally located in Lexington Center at 15 Depot Square,.


Social Service Centers is dedicated to creating safe and stable homes that form a solid base from which the individuals supported may reach out to form a meaningful and fulfilling network of relationships and experiences of their own choosing.  We the Board, administrators, managers, direct support personnel, and professional consultants are dedicated, throughout our attitudes and activities, to supporting, protecting, and promoting the people we serve.
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We at SSC follow a set of standards in order to demonstrate and realize our responsibility to provide meaningful and beneficial services and supports to those individuals who need and trust in our care:
Ask anyone who works in one of SSC's homes and they'll agree Social Service Centers is a great place to work.  Contact us at 781-862-3420 to schedule an interview.

SSC contracts 100% of its openings through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Disability Services.  The DDS Central Middlesex office can be reached at:
DDS - Central MIddlesex
20 Academy Street
Suite #302
Arlington, MA  02476

Referrals / Placements

Each of SSC's four homes are located in Lexington, MA.
If you'd like to see one of them we will be happy to arrange a visit. 
You may contact our office at
781-862-3420 or your local DDS Service Coordinator.

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